Taylor Corporation Pre Paid Cash Cards Unlimited is now selling Stock Shares Series of Common and/or Preferred Stocks Series (A) (B) ( C ) and (D) series of each of its (Seven) Pre Paid Cash Card Products. These Stock Shares are offered for sale to the Public or other interested Corporations that wish to become share holders.

 The cash card products are: (1) Pre Paid Cash Cards Unlimited (2) Pre Paid Cash Cards (3) Pre Paid Money Cards (4) Pre Paid Monetary Cards (5)Pre Paid Currency Cards (6) Pre Paid Funds Cards (7) Pre Paid Bucks Cards. Each cash card has its own set of Common and/or Preferred Stock series for sale. One can buy from (one stock share series or as many stock shares as they wish).

 The Stock Shares are offered by the authors, inventers and 100% owners of the Taylor Corporation Pre Paid Cash Cards Unluimited and Products Incorporated, having and owning the First and Original registered Copyright of Pre Paid Cash Cards Unlimited (C) 2000 also a published patent application 2004 and a filed corporation for-profit incorporated from the office of Secretary of the State of TEXAS (2007).

 So come join our Corporation and Buy Stock Shares with confidence and grow with the Taylor Corporation Pre Paid Cash Card Products and be apart of the Corporation by investing in ower Stocks. Watch it grow to a multi-multi Billion $ Corporation.


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